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WP Swipe & Deploy

Blog post and headline swipe file built into WordPress.


An exclusive “swipe file” of 550+ proven post titles and sales headlines built into your WordPress site.

Expert Copywriting

Fill-in-the-blank headlines written by top copywriters – saving you money!

Built Into WordPress

Ready to use when you need it – conveniently in your WordPress dashboard.

One-click Solution

Create persuasive titles and headlines in one click.

Power-Up All Your Sites

Install on unlimited websites you own.


Effortlessly write high-converting titles and headlines.

  • Create killer blog post titles
  • Create game-changing sales pages with sizzling headlines
  • Create multiple titles for each blog post to do A/B split tests


Works wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Here’s how the WP Swipe & Deploy Plugin works…

  • 1

    Scroll through the fill-in-the-blank title templates as you write pages or posts

  • 2

    Customize the provided swipe copy for your post

  • 3

    Publish your post with its sizzling title


Our content marketing tools are exclusively available to self-help monthly, annual, or Lifetime members only.

WP Swipe & Deploy plugin


Stop guessing and start achieving better headlines with the same tools the experts use. 

  • Over 550 fill-in-the-blank headline and title templates included
  • Save time and cash by not hiring an expensive copywriter
  • Works on all self-hosted WordPress sites
  • Paste the selected title into the title field or the text editor
  • Quickly flip through until you find a title you want to use
WP Swipe & Deploy plugin

Sample headlines generated by the WP Swipe & Deploy plugin

I can have titles I'm proud to display on my site – without the cost of a professional copywriter.

"This is the best product idea I have seen in a long time. Writing good headlines and titles for my websites has always been a hassle until I began using this product.

With a few clicks, I can have titles I'm proud to display on my site – without the cost of a professional copywriter.

The best part is that it includes good examples and shows just where I need to make changes, so that the titles reflect my blog post or product type.

This also makes sure that each and every one will be unique and eye-catching. I recommend this to everyone I know. It's just so simple and easy to use."

Marsha Beslic
Marsha Beslic

Just what bloggers dream of...

"I am always looking for great tools to help me in managing my blog and in sticking to my publishing schedule.

After all, great content, delivered on a regular basis, is one of the keys to developing and keeping a loyal audience.

WP Swipe & Deploy is just what this blogger dreamed of! Now I can access a library of great headlines on days when the answer just won't come easily… and be inspired!

I can use the headline formats exactly as shown, or use them as inspiration to get my thoughts moving and see other possibilities. This is a tool I'll be using to help me fulfill my publishing schedule with much more ease and less stress!"

Dianne Daniels
Dianne Daniels

Nice little handy tool...

"Nice little handy tool that helps generating headline ideas.

After I have written my post, if I have no idea on what headline to use, I will use this plugin to assist me.

Apart from generating headlines, when I do not have any idea on what to write, I will click on the little button to toggle the headlines. It helps me decide what to write for my post."

Johnny Lee
Johnny Lee

Great product...

"Great product to use when my brain needs help – which is often! – writing a great title. Thank you!"

Lydia Espinosa
Lydia Espinosa

Work smarter, not harder...

"Wow! I love the new WP Swipe & Deploy plugin! One thing that I always say is, "Work smarter, not harder." That's what I love about this plugin.

I don't enjoy writing sales copy headlines, and this plugin is great because it gives me many ideas to choose from, without having to think of them all from scratch."

Kim Phoenix
Kim Phoenix

Create solid headlines...

"This is a great little plugin to help jar your memory into creating solid headlines this attention-grabbing way."

Tracy Brinkmann
Tracy Brinkmann

Creative titles that will get visits...

"I installed this plugin and was amazed at how quick and easy it was to use.

I sometimes struggle with finding a great attention-grabbing title for my blog posts, but not anymore.

This plugin makes it super easy and fun to come up with creative titles that will get visits. Thanks!"

Jennifer Carroll
Jennifer Carroll

Create highly engaging titles...

"The install of the WP Swipe & Deploy plugin was super easy.

This allows both my contributors and myself to easily create highly engaging titles."

Lori Smith
Lori Smith


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